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Abuse, Elder  Complex Decisions Competency

Activities of Daily Living Puzzle 

Assessment Competency
Adaptive Clothing  Adapting Care Competency
Adaptive Devices: Eating  Adapting Care Competency

Advance Directives 

Complex Decisions Competency
Advocating Within the System Advocacy Competency
Ageism  Awareness Competency
Aging in Place Maximizing Function Competency
Aging Quiz  Awareness Competency
Aging Services Network Organizational Systems Competency
Alzheimer’s Disease  Adapting Care Competency
American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) Advocacy Competency
American Nurses Association (ANA) Advocacy Competency
Amsler Grid Assessment Competency
Animal-Assisted Therapy Optimal Aging Competency
Anorexia  Adapting Care Competency
Artwork as Communication Strategy Communication Competency


      Cognitive Function  Assessment Competency
      Depression Assessment Competency
      Eyes and Ears Assessment Competency
      Falls Risk Adapting Care Competency
      Functional Assessment  Assessment Competency
      Lungs, Heart, Peripheral Circulation Assessment Competency
      Medication History Adapting Care Competency
      Mobility, Get Up and Go Test  Assessment Competency
      Nutrition, DETERMINE Optimal Aging Competency
      Nutrition, Quadruple A's Assessment Competency
      Oral Cavity Assessment Competency
      Pain  Adapting Care Competency
      Pressure Ulcer Risk Adapting Care Competency
      Skin       Assessment Competency
      Sleep  Adapting Care Competency
      SPICES Screen for Geriatric Problems Assessment Competency
Assisted Living Housing Options Advocacy Competency
Assistive Devices: Eating Adapting Care Competency
Assistive Devices: Hygiene and Dressing  Maximizing Function Competency
Assistive Devices: Medication  Maximizing Function Competency

Assistive Devices: Resources 

Adapting Care Competency
Assistive Technology Fact Sheet  Adapting Care Competency
Autonomy  Complex Decisions Competency
Bathing, Preventing Combative Behavior Maximizing Function Competency

Beers List of Inappropriate Medications 

Adapting Care Competency
Behavior, Combative  Maximizing Function Competency
Bowel Function  Assessment Competency
Braden Scale Adapting Care Competency
Care Settings Puzzle Organizational Systems Competency
Caregivers  Maximizing Function Competency
Caregiving Alliance, Family Advocacy Competency
Cerumen Assessment Competency
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Assessment Competency

Cognitive Function, Assessment 

Assessment Competency
Cognitive Function, Exercise Optimal Aging Competency
Cognitive Function, Maintaining Optimal Aging Competency
Combative Behavior Maximizing Function Competency
Common Problems of Older Adults Puzzle  Awareness Competency
Communication with Older Adults  Communication Competency
Communication, Nurse to Nurse Organizational Systems Competency


Adapting Care Competency
Congestive Heart Failure Assessment Competency
Constipation Optimal Aging Competency
Decision-making  Complex Decisions Competency
Delirium  Adapting Care Competency


Adapting Care Competency
Dementia, Assessing Pain Adapting Care Competency
Depression, Assessment Assessment Competency
Depression, Differentiating from Dementia  Adapting Care Competency
Depression, Exercise to Relieve Optimal Aging Competency
Dietary Supplements Optimal Aging Competency
Diseases, Internet Resources Organizational Systems Competency


Complex Decisions Competency
Dysphagia  Adapting Care Competency
Eating Problems  Adapting Care Competency
Education, Patient  Communication Competency
End of Life  Complex Decisions Competency
Engagement with Life Optimal Aging Competency

Environmental Modifications 

Maximizing Function Competency
Environmental Protection Agency  Advocacy Competency
Ethics  Complex Decisions Competency
Exercise Optimal Aging Competency
Falls  Adapting Care Competency
Falls, Prevention  Maximizing Function Competency
Family Caregiving Maximizing Function Competency
Family Caregiving Alliance Advocacy Competency
Focused Assessments Assessment Competency
Frail Older Adults, Exercise Optimal Aging Competency
Functional Assessment  Assessment Competency
Gardening Optimal Aging Competency
Geriatric Depression Scale Assessment Competency

Geriatric Syndromes 

Adapting Care Competency
Get Up and Go Test Assessment Competency
Health Care Settings, Transitions Between Organizational Systems Competency
Health History  Assessment Competency
Health Policy Issues Advocacy Competency
Hearing, Assessment  Assessment Competency
Hearing, Communication when Impaired Communication Competency

Home Modification

Maximizing Function Competency
Horticultural Therapy Optimal Aging Competency
Hospice  Complex Decisions Competency
Immunizations Optimal Aging Competency
Incontinence, Urinary Adapting Care Competency
Intake and Voiding Diary Adapting Care Competency
Interdisciplinary Team  Organizational Systems Competency
Interdisciplinary Team Puzzle Organizational Systems Competency
Legal Rights  Complex Decisions Competency
Legislation and Publicly-Funded Resources  Advocacy Competency

Long-Term Care Ombudsman

Complex Decisions Competency
Long-Term Care Ombudsman, Policy Advocacy Competency
Massage Communication Competency
Maximizing Function Puzzle Maximizing Function Competency
Medicare  Organizational Systems Competency
Medicare, Long-Term Care  Advocacy Competency
Medicare Preventive Services Optimal Aging Competency
Medication Aids Optimal Aging Competency
Medication History Adapting Care Competency
Medications, Inappropriate for Older Adults Adapting Care Competency
Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) Assessment Competency
Mobility Screening Assessment Competency
Morse Fall Scale Adapting Care Competency
Movies with Older Adult Issues Awareness Competency
Music, Literature, and Visual Art Optimal Aging Competency
Music, Promoting Sleep Adapting Care Competency
Myocardial Infarction  Assessment Competency
National Caucus and Center on Black Aged Advocacy Competency
National Hispanic Council on Aging Advocacy Competency
National Indian Council on Aging Advocacy Competency
Nutrition, DETERMINE Optimal Aging Competency
Nutrition, Quadruple A's for Assessment Assessment Competency
Older Americans Act Advocacy Competency
Older Women's League Advocacy Competency
Oral Cavity  Assessment Competency
Osteoporosis Optimal Aging Competency


Adapting Care Competency
Patient Education Brochures, Designing Communication Competency
Peripheral Vascular Disease  Assessment Competency
Person-Environment Fit  Adapting Care Competency
Person-Environment Fit, Optimizing  Maximizing Function Competency
Pets Optimal Aging Competency
Physical Activity Optimal Aging Competency
Physical Assessment  Assessment Competency
Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index Adapting Care Competency
Politics and Policy Self-Assessment Test Advocacy Competency


Complex Decisions Competency
Polypharmacy  Adapting Care Competency
Pressure Ulcers  Adapting Care Competency
Relocation  Complex Decisions Competency
Resident Councils in Long-Term Care Organizational Systems Competency

Restraint-Free Care 

Maximizing Function Competency
Risk Factor Reduction Optimal Aging Competency
Sensory Changes Communication Competency
Sensory Changes in Older Adults Puzzle Communication Competency
Sensory Kit  Awareness Competency
Sexuality  Assessment Competency
Skin  Assessment Competency

Sleep Disturbance 

Adapting Care Competency
Smoking Cessation Optimal Aging Competency
SPICES Screen for Geriatric Problems Assessment Competency
Statistical Profile of Older Americans Awareness Competency
Syndromes, Geriatric Adapting Care Competency
Systems for Obtaining Resources Organizational Systems Competency
Touch Communication Competency
Transitions Between Health Care Settings Organizational Systems Competency
Urinary Incontinence  Adapting Care Competency
Vision, Assessment Assessment Competency
Vision, Communication when Impaired Communication Competency
Vision, Resources for Impaired Communication Competency
Vital Signs  Assessment Competency

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