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Teaching Tool Location
Activities, Hands On
Sensory Kit  Awareness Competency
Assessment Tools
Braden Scale for Predicting Pressure Ulcer Risk Adapting Care Competency
Fulmer SPICES: Overall Assessment Tool of Older Adults Assessment Competency
Functional Assessment Screening Tool Assessment Competency
Geriatric Depression Scale Assessment Competency
Get Up and Go Test  Assessment Competency
Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) Assessment Competency
Nutrition, DETERMINE Optimal Aging Competency
Pain in Older Adults Adapting Care Competency
Pain in Persons with Dementia Adapting Care Competency
Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index Adapting Care Competency
Audio Clinical Stories 
Family Caregiving Maximizing Function Competency
Fred Drives to Town Complex Decisions Competency
Mrs. Morton's Multiple Transitions Organizational Systems Competency
Pressure Ulcer Prevention Adapting Care Competency
Preventing Combative Behavior During a Nursing Procedure Maximizing Function Competency
Preventing Combative Behavior by an Agitated Older Adult Maximizing Function Competency
Alzheimer's Disease: Unraveling the Mystery Adapting Care Competency
Case Studies
George Griffin Adapting Care Competency
Rosa Martinez Adapting Care Competency
Fact Sheets and Handouts
Assistive Technology Adapting Care Competency
Avoiding Restraints in Patients with Dementia Maximizing Function Competency

Beers List of Inappropriate Medications for Older Adults

Adapting Care Competency

Home Modification

Maximizing Function Competency

Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program

Complex Decisions Competency
Older Americans Act Advocacy Competency
Senses and Aging Communication Competency
Sexuality and Aging Assessment Competency
Statistical Profile of Older Americans Aged 65+ Awareness Competency
PowerPoint Presentations
Assessing and Supporting Family Caregivers Maximizing Function Competency
Assistive Devices to Maximize Function: Aids for Hygiene and Dressing Maximizing Function Competency
Color, Contrast, Size, and Style: Hints for Designing Patient Education Brochures for Older Adults Communication Competency
Competencies for Working with Older Adults How to Use this CD-ROM
Functional Assessment Screening of Older Adults Assessment Competency
Helping Hands: Medication Aids   Maximizing Function Competency
Managing Urinary Incontinence Adapting Care Competency
Person-Environment Fit Model Adapting Care Competency
Strength and Flexibility for Life Optimal Aging Competency
The Three Dís of Confusion Adapting Care Competency
Towards Fall Prevention Maximizing Function Competency
Two Adaptive Devices for Eating Adapting Care Competency
Unlocking Communication Communication Competency
Puzzles, Crossword

Activities of Daily Living Puzzle 

Assessment Competency
Common Problems of Older Adults Puzzle  Awareness Competency
Maximizing Function Puzzle Maximizing Function Competency
Sensory Changes in Older Adults Puzzle Communication Competency
Puzzles, Drag and Drop
Care Settings Puzzle Organizational Systems Competency
Interdisciplinary Team Puzzle Organizational Systems Competency
Medication Aids Optimal Aging Competency
Test, Self-Assessment
Politics and Policy Self-Assessment Test Advocacy Competency
Adapting Care Adapting Care Competency
Advocacy  Advocacy Competency
Assessment Assessment Competency
Awareness Awareness Competency
Communication Communication Competency
Complex Decisions Complex Decisions Competency
Functional Assessment Assessment Competency
Get Up and Go Test Home Video #1 Assessment Competency
Get Up and Go Test Home Video #2 Assessment Competency
Maximizing Function Maximizing Function Competency
Optimal Aging Optimal Aging Competency
Organizational Systems Organizational Systems Competency

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