How to use these Materials

The Focus on Older Adults materials were developed to assist nurses, other health professionals, and others who work with older adults to develop and evaluate nine competencies for working with older adults. 

Presentation: Competencies for Working with Older Adults

These materials can be used in many different ways, including the following:

You can use the Focus on Older Adults Materials to focus on one of the competencies, selected ones, or all of them, as desired. The materials for each competency are organized in the same way:

The Focus on Older Adults materials were designed as a resource collection rather than as an electronic course with many links to multiple pages, each with only a small amount of text. In our experience, many people print electronic materials for study and review. Therefore, the majority of the learning activities for each competency are contained on the same page. This design creates the need for more scrolling down the screen, but requires much less clicking. It also reduces the chance of getting lost in multiple small pages and saves a lot of paper when printing! 

The Competency Menu Page has links for accessing each of the competencies. If you are interested in locating a specific topic, you can use the Topic Index that is linked from the Competency Menu Page. If you are a teacher, we have also provided you with a Teaching Tools Index. You will find many more resources in the Learning Activities for each competency.

You can use the link bar at the bottom of this page to return to the Home Page. Explore and enjoy!

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