Photograph of a woman who has severe arthritis using an adaptive device (fork with large-diameter handle) for eating; photo source: Administration on Aging, DHHS Competency Demonstration

Adapting Care Competency

Plan, implement, and evaluate care that is adapted to meet the individual functional, physical, cognitive, psychological, social, and endurance capabilities of older adults.

A competency demonstration provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate that you have developed one or more of the Competencies for Working with Older Adults. Presentation: Competencies for Working with Older Adults

Demonstrate your Adapting Care Competency by writing an Adapting Care Case Report, using either Option A or Option B. 

If you are using these Older Adult Focus materials for self-study, completing a competency demonstration gives you an end product that you can share with others for professional purposes, such as in a portfolio for employment application or as a demonstration of meeting a professional goal for an annual review. Once you have completed the competency demonstration, wait for at least 3 days and then use the criteria to evaluate your own work. Alternatively, you could ask another person to use the evaluation criteria and discuss your work with you.

If you are using these Older Adult Focus materials as part of an organized course or workshop, consult your course leader regarding how to turn in your completed competency demonstration.

 Drawing of pencil and checklist Adapting Care Case Report, Option A

Using a case example from your work setting or personal life, write a narrative case report that demonstrates how you assessed, planned, and evaluated care for an older adult (a person aged 65 or older). Your case report should demonstrate how your care was adapted to meet the individualís capabilities (e.g., functional, physical, cognitive, psychological, social, endurance). 

The case report should address prevention or management of one or two of the following geriatric syndromes:

Your case report should not be a comprehensive case report. It should focus on one or two of the above areas.

Include the following in your case report:




Your case report should be a narrative (text) rather than in chart form. Write no more than five double-spaced pages. Attached assessment forms and your bibliography are in addition to the five pages of text.


For a grade of pass, your demonstration will meet these criteria:

 Drawing of pencil and checklist Adapting Care Case Report, Option B

If you do not have a real life case example, you may use one of the following case studies to prepare your case report.

Case Study: George Griffin

Case Study: Rosa Martinez

Follow the instructions under Option A. 

The grading criteria are listed above under Option A.

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